Jewish Baby Stroller

Jewish Baby Stroller
Jewish Baby Stroller

Simple Google search for ‘Jewish baby strollers’ seems to return anti-Semitic images.

For the majority of mankind, search engines are a great source of information. The problem with using search engines and social communities arises when they are manipulated to produce perverse results.

Google hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in September, when its industry-leading search engine appeared to return uncalled for anti-Semitic imagery to a simple search.

Jewish Baby Stroller Image Results
Various users found that a search for ‘Jewish baby strollers’ instead resulted in line upon line of portable overs, likely a sickening nod towards the Holocaust.

Of course, the Holocaust was a mass genocidal event that occurred between 1941 and 1945 during the Second World War, with Nazi Germans killing an estimated 6 million Jewish people. Of those who perished, many were gassed in chambers.

Google reacted to the news by claiming that they would look into the search results in an effort to improve, although some experts believe that this incident reaches beyond the realm of an accident.

The online giant told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in a statement: “We understand these are disturbing results, and we share the concern about this content. It does not reflect our opinions. When people search for images on Google, our systems largely rely on matching the words in your query to the words that appear next to images on the webpage.

For this query, which is for a product that doesn’t actually exist, the closest matches are web pages that contain offensive and hateful content. We’ve done considerable work in improving instances where we return low-quality content, and we’ll look at this situation to see how we can return more helpful results.”

Upon looking into the incident, The Network Contagion Research Institute found a consistent link between online images of portable ovens and the term ‘Jewish baby stroller’.

The NCR study found that such images and phrases were connected on the infamous 4chan message board, suggesting that the link had been inserted as early as 2017, with regular posts following over the years. This consistent posting of the oven images next to the search phrase may have resulted in the Google algorithm manipulation.

The director of The Network Contagion Research Institute, Joel Finkelstein, revealed that these search results were nothing more than a sick trick.
He said: “What happens is they trick Google into distributing hateful memes and ranking them for the search term Jewish Baby Strollers. The discrimination groups paste the image with the words so that when you search those words, the image comes to the top.”

The institute’s lead intelligence analyst, Alex Goldenberg, added: “It’s either a raid from 4chan trolls or it’s a meme that circulated on the web. The Google search algorithm is driving it to the top for some reason, or the item in the meme is tricking the Google algorithm. It’s notable that Google Image search didn’t pick that up.

“The nature of these raids is to attract attention to the anti-Semitism.”
Google make changes back in 2016 to block users from searching using the term ‘Jews are evil.’